Payroll Services

Focus on your business goals. We’ll Focus on Your Payroll.

Evaluent’s dedicated teams design customized payroll service programs with communication plans and documented procedures tailored to your enterprise. We help you refocus your team on strategic business initiatives while we work to save you time, money, and the stress of managing your payroll. Our experts regularly keep you informed of new regulations and trends. And Evaluent’s proprietary systems deliver unique solutions to complex challenges through entirely U.S. based processing that ensures flexibility, customization, and an unmatched level of support.

Payroll Solution Benefits

Drive Efficiency and Cost Savings

Payroll costs your business time and money. Let us uncover new ways for you to save on both white-collar and blue-collar workers.

Ensure Compliance

Our experts alleviate the stress that comes with keeping up on new regulations and trends, while ensuring compliance to contractual and regulatory standards.

Technologically Driven

Our proprietary systems deliver unique solutions to complex challenges and increase the velocity to talent acquisition.

All In-House Solutions

Entirely U.S. based processing ensures flexibility, customization, and an unmatched level of support for any client or candidate need.

Diversity Spend

Leverage our Women Business Enterprise designation to capture diversity spend credits.

​Are You Getting Most the Out of Your Contingent Workforce?

If your company spends between $5M to $50M annually on temporary labor, ask yourself:

  • Does your company have expertise in the staffing industry and managing temp workers?
  • Is your company a destination of choice for suppliers and contingent workers?
  • Is there a system of record for contingent labor transactions in place (sourcing workers, time and expense, performance reporting)?
  • Do you recognize cost savings for self-identified workers?
  • Is there a dedicated individual responsible for managing your contingent workforce program?
  • Do you have consistent contracts in place with all your suppliers?
  • Do we have access to data-driven metrics on supplier performance?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, let’s talk and explore how Evaluent can help you better navigate the talent ecosystem.

Innovate. Accelerate. Elevate.