Our Solutions

Managed Services Programs

As a managed services provider (MSP), Evaluent targets the underserved needs of smaller and mid-market companies seeking comprehensive yet cost-efficient solutions for staffing supplier management, worker fulfillment, payrolling, independent contractor compliance and engagement, direct sourcing, and more. Evaluent transcends traditional models and ushers in a new paradigm where companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of an end-to-end MSP without satisfying spend thresholds beyond their reach.

Payroll Services

Evaluent’s dedicated teams design customized payroll service programs with communication plans and documented procedures tailored to your enterprise. We help you refocus your team on strategic business initiatives while we work to save you time, money, and the stress of managing your payroll. Our experts regularly keep you informed of new regulations and trends. And Evaluent’s proprietary systems deliver unique solutions to complex challenges through entirely U.S. based processing that ensures flexibility, customization, and an unmatched level of support. Because Evaluent supports a wide range of roles and locations, we can typically manage low-risk and high-risk skill set categories while remaining your single source for all payrolling services.

Independent Contractor Compliance

Independent Contractors (ICs) are a major legal hot topic. Currently, 3.4 million workers are misclassified as ICs each year, on average. That means federal and state government enforcement is at an all-time high, with potential tax liabilities capable of soaring to over 41.50% in penalties. It’s important to have an IC Vetting Program in place that has documented procedures to protect all parties; reduces potential penalties. That’s where Evaulent comes in. We help our clients fully validate potential contractors under the requirements of all applicable laws and regulations, mitigating the risk of major fines.

Direct Sourcing

With technology becoming “smarter,” businesses are looking to elevate their contingent workforce procurement efforts through advanced and less intermediated channels — without sacrificing support and risk mitigation. Evaluent partners with the industry’s premier direct sourcing technology providers to deliver curation solutions for identifying qualified candidates quickly and compliantly for clients who want to leverage their brands as a “destination of choice” for alumni, silver medalists, and gig economy talent.

Workforce Consulting

The Evaluent Workforce Consulting division brings together the refined expertise our company’s experienced professionals to deliver powerful, industry-leading best practices in workforce solutions to clients. Our workforce consulting services are systemic and allow clients to optimize the most essential elements of a contingent workforce solution: processes, supply base, policies and practices, and stakeholder satisfaction.

Consulting Services

Many companies recognize the need to more effectively manage the contingent labor landscape within their own organizations. Perhaps they lack the in-house expertise, or maybe they simply don’t have the bandwidth to put a plan into action. Evaluent provides consulting services for companies just like you. Our experts understand the challenges of standing up a Gen 1 contingent workforce program, and can help guide you through the journey. Our consulting team will examine:

  • Policies and processes for engaging third party labor
  • Supplier management strategies
  • Finance and accounting operations
  • Technology automation
  • Current supplier and worker engagements

Value Proposition

Cost Savings & Value

Standardized pricing structure, cost containment strategies, and ongoing savings initiatives, coupled with program evolution.


Access the right talent, at the right time, at the right value through a flexible network of tiered and neutral suppliers focused on specific job categories and skills.

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Regular audits for legal and contractual regulations, proper engagement solutions, and employment classification compliance.


Transparency and insight to spend and program performance, with robust reporting.

Strategic Supplier Management

Model flexibility with rules of engagement, supplier optimization and rationalization, supplier benefits, ongoing vetting, and performance monitoring.

Process Optimization and Automation

Appropriate technology to streamline processes and accelerate talent acquisition.