Managed Services Solutions

Total Talent Solutions

As a managed services program (MSP), Evaluent targets the underserved needs of smaller and mid-market companies seeking comprehensive yet cost-efficient solutions for staffing supplier management, worker fulfillment, payrolling, independent contractor compliance and engagement, direct sourcing, and more. Evaluent transcends traditional models and ushers in a new paradigm where companies of all sizes can reap the benefits of an end-to-end MSP without satisfying spend thresholds beyond their reach.

Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, we bring the subject matter expertise to help you build a dynamic, optimized, and compliant contingent workforce solution.

A Proven Methodology

Talent Management

Billing strategies, policy management, employee relations, investigations, surveys, training, and more.

Nationwide Expertise

With contractors on assignment all over the country, we understand the federal, state, and local laws & regulations to maintain total compliance for all clients.

Subject Matter Expertise

Contingent labor is managed differently than permanent employees. Leverage our consultative team and recognize efficiency through our expertise in contingent labor.

Talent Acquisition Strategies

Latest recruiting strategies to attract the best candidates. Insight to market data, industry insights, innovations, and overall best practices.

Thought Leadership

Advise on legal topics in the workplace, such as FCRA, Co-Employment, FMLA, DOL, EEOC, OSHA, IRS, Sick Leave, and more.

Model Flexibility

Ability to flex the supplier engagement strategy (vendor neutral, tiered, master vendor, niche supplier engagement) based on the unique needs of the client.

Supplier Benefits

Automated Solutions

Consistent electronic time and expense reporting system that allows for upload to supplier payroll systems; reduced invoicing efforts; consistent system of record.

Clear Reporting

On-demand, real-time access to robust reporting that illustrates performance, continuous improvement opportunities, and more.

Invoicing / Remittance Consistency

Establishment of consistent invoicing processes and a central point of contact for any invoicing or remittance issues.

Expansion Opportunities

Increased business opportunities within the client, as the program may expand to other departments or locations, or with other clients in our portfolio.

Vendor Neutrality

Level playing field for order fulfillment opportunities through tiered and neutral requisition distribution based on performance and capability.

Effortless Sales

Sales efforts minimized in favor of sourcing excellence, and suppliers enjoyed reduced sales and administration costs as Evaluent introduces proven performers to new client programs.

VMS Solutions

Workflow Management

Automated and streamlined workflows that ensure compliance with stakeholder initiatives and approval standards.

Performance Metrics

Delivery of real time, ad hoc, and scheduled reporting, metrics, and data analysis.

Streamlined Invoices

Leveraged technology to simplify and consolidate the invoice process; drives soft dollar cost savings.


Reduction in spend by leveraging information, data, and workforce planning needs.


Ensure all worker onboarding requirements are completed before Day 1.​

Engage Technology

Maximize platforms to engage not only a contingent workforce, but SOW engagements as well.

​Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Contingent Workforce?

If your company spends between $5M to $50M annually on temporary labor, ask yourself:

  • Does your company have expertise in the staffing industry and managing temp workers?
  • Is your company a destination of choice for suppliers and contingent workers?
  • Is there a system of record for contingent labor transactions in place (sourcing workers, time and expense, performance reporting)?
  • Do you recognize cost savings for self-identified workers?
  • Is there a dedicated individual responsible for managing your contingent workforce program?
  • Do you have consistent contracts in place with all your suppliers?
  • Do we have access to data-driven metrics on supplier performance?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, let’s talk and explore how Evaluent can help you better navigate the talent ecosystem.

Innovate. Accelerate. Elevate.