Direct Sourcing

Innovative Solutions

With technology becoming “smarter,” businesses are looking to elevate their contingent workforce procurement efforts through advanced and less intermediated channels — without sacrificing support and risk mitigation. Evaluent partners with the industry’s premier direct sourcing technology providers to deliver curation solutions for identifying qualified candidates quickly and compliantly for clients who want to leverage their brands as a “destination of choice” for alumni, silver medalists, and gig economy talent.

Direct Sourcing Benefits

Time to Talent Acquisition

Build out your talent proactively and let us help curate the identification of top resources to foster an accelerated onboarding process that ensures rapid candidate deployment. When contingent workers are billable resources to your customer’s projects, there’s no time to waste. Evaluent expedites the process so our clients’ talent become rewarding revenue streams quickly.

Identify New Talent Sources

The latest in digital marketing campaigns gives your company the power to promote a compelling brand that attracts today’s top candidates, opt into your talent cloud, and seize opportunities to work on upcoming projects.

Cost Savings

Workers engaged through direct sourcing methods often come with a lower price point than those scouted through traditional staffing models, without sacrificing quality. Enjoy the benefits of an expertly curated talent network that fits your company’s unique needs.

Are You Getting Most the Out of Your Contingent Workforce?

If your company spends between $5M to $50M annually on temporary labor, ask yourself:
  • Does your company have expertise in the staffing industry and managing temp workers?
  • Is your company a destination of choice for suppliers and contingent workers?
  • Is there a system of record for contingent labor transactions in place (sourcing workers, time and expense, performance reporting)?
  • Do you recognize cost savings for self-identified workers?
  • Is there a dedicated individual responsible for managing your contingent workforce program?
  • Do you have consistent contracts in place with all your suppliers?
  • Do we have access to data-driven metrics on supplier performance?
If you answered “No” to any of these questions, let’s talk and explore how Evaluent can help you better navigate the talent ecosystem.

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